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Luxury Huts

The Oakwood Hamlet Resort offers an exquisite and luxurious room category known as "The Pinewood Huts “with AC and Spacious Area inside. These huts provide a perfect blend of comfort and elegance, making them the ideal accommodation for a tranquil getaway. The huts are characterized by their charming pine wood furnished roofs, which exude a rustic yet sophisticated ambiance. The use of pine wood adds a touch of natural beauty to the rooms, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Inside the huts, guests are greeted with a visually stunning arrangement of fancy lights that illuminate the space and enhance the overall aesthetics. These lights create a warm and soothing environment, perfect for relaxation. The room is furnished with premium furniture that not only showcases elegance but also guarantees comfort. Plush beds, cozy armchairs, and a spacious seating area provide ample space for guests to unwind and enjoy their stay. One of the highlights of these huts is the balcony outside, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.


2 Water glasses
2 High bowl glasses
2 Coasters
2 Saucer Plates with 2 cups
1 Tea kettle
2 Bath towels
2 Hand towels
1 Bath mat
1 Body lotion
1 Body Wash
1 Shampoo
1 Soap


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Customer Reviews

“My 2nd home is Oakwood Hamlet – my family and friends say that if you can’t find him in native town then you can find him in Oakwood. I love this place so much that I want to enjoy my retirement life here only. Location, food, service, weather, everything is perfect.”



“The stay nice, calm and relaxing except the first day when some fellow guests staying at the resort were creating lot of nuisance. We stayed there for 3 days, the other 2 days were quite relaxing Food was also reasonably good and the staff was polite and helpful”

Gitesh Kumar


“Excellent Resort , beautiful location ..The best is garden is the eye-catching..Rooms are also hygienic…We had just a wonderful and lovely holidays here .. Staff are also very supportive and helpful .Thank you very much for the unforgettable stay”

Sweta Singh